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SOTA Charmed 6 inch Figure - Paige (sexy) �
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SOTA Charmed 6 inch Figure - Paige (sexy). Made by SOTA in 2005. Size: 6 inch. For Ages 14+.

SOTA Now Playing Legend - Meg Mucklebones Figure �
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Sota Toys produced this line of 6 inch scale action figures based on the cult classic films of cinema history. Each figure is fully poseable and articulated. Meg Mucklebones includes seaweed and display base. Collect them all, each sold separately..

SOTA Now Playing Dune Baron Harkonen SOTA, Now Playing, Action Figures, 2006, movie
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In the distant future, space travel is dependent upon Spice, which is found only on the planet Dune. Baron Harkonnen will stop at nothing in his goal to have House Harkonnen in control of the Spice and the power that comes from it. In his bid for control the Baron will blackmail, torture, corrupt and kill anyone in his path to absolute power over the Universe. But even someone as powerful as the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen cannot escape Prophesy and Fate..