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So So Happy 10 inch plush - Tribe (green) �
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SO SO HAPPY is a lifestyle brand that taps into young peoples universal desire for love, acceptance and respect. With over 80 off-the-wall characters, the brand communicates a positive message about individuality, inner strength and being true to oneself. SO SO Happy encourages kids to embrace every day as a gift, make a conscious decision to live a happy life, and to never miss an opportunity to practice love, respect and kindness. The company donates 10% of its proceeds to organizations...

So So Happy Backpack - Lulu (yellow) �
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Plushy Lulu-shaped backpack with adjustable shoulder straps. Zip opening is behind head. You'd never guess from Lulus charming smile that she is related to the deadliest bird in the world, the cassowary. She uses her supernatural strength to help her friends our of jams, and to bench press llamas for resistance training. Her personal record is 17. She is hopelessly loud and has an unfortunate habit of saying exactly what she's thinking..