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Mezco 6.5 inch Vinyl SAW Puppet �
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Mezco Item #: 6423-6418CCCHMU -

Mezco 6.5 inch Vinyl SAW Puppet. Made by Mezco in 2011. Size: 6.5 inch. For Ages 15+.

NECA Cult Classics SAW 7 inch Jigsaw Killer (man head) NECA, SAW, Action Figures, 2007, horror, halloween, movie
Price: $67.30
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NECA Item #: 1763-5442CCVCGF -

NECA Saw 12 inch Deluxe Figure - Billy on Tricycle with sound �
Price: $138.93
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NECA Item #: 6695-6695CCYMHY -

'Congratulations, you are still alive.' This Talking Saw Billy Action Figure is a creepily authentic 12inch talking action figure! He rides a tricycle with a maniacal look in its puppet-like features. He even recites sinister quotes from the movie when you dare to approach him. A frighteningly realistic model! This Billy action figure is the ultimate Saw collectible for fans of Saw or horror movies generally. Take a ride on the wild side with Billy boy!.