If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason ('changed my mind', 'already have it', 'found it cheaper elsewhere', ...), you can return it.

Returns are time-sensitive. You have 1 week from the time of receipt, to mail purchase back to us. Please return it in the box it arrived in. You do not need a reason to return your purchase, but you should let us know it is coming, with an email sent to

In order to get a full refund of purchase price, item(s) must arrive in unopened and undamaged packaging. Opened or damaged items only qualify for a partial refund, or none at all if deemed unresellable. Tardy or abusive returns will also suffer similar deductions.

If a package is returned to us as undeliverable, refused by occupant, etc., we will refund the item's purchase price, minus a restock fee. Then if you still want the item, you will need to re-order it.