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Max Steel - Moto Flight Max Steel Deluxe Set �
Price: $40.22
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Mattel Item #: 7725-7719CCCHTC -

Teenage Max and alien Steel discovered that together they make a formidable force, able to protect the world from fearsome villains! Unlock your inner hero with the Moto Flight Max figure, equipped with a dual mode transforming vehicle. Go from motorcycle to huge rocket jetpack in a flash!.

Max Steel - Turbo Flight Max Steel Figure with DVD �
Price: $32.69
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Mattel Item #: 7724-7718CCCYVH -

Deluxe Turbo Flight Max Steel figures combine Turbo energy and explosive action! When Max and Steel go into Turbo Mode together, they're ready for any adventure. With energized wings and a hyper-fast spin attack, Max Steel is unstoppable! Kids can unlock their own hero with this deluxe Max Steel figure who intimidates their enemies with cool weapons and awesome power. Includes Rise of Elementor DVD..

Max Steel - Ultra Blast Max Steel 6 inch Figure �
Price: $18.81
Availability: In Stock
Mattel Item #: 7726-7720CCCGVA -

In the hit animated action series Max Steel, teenage Max has the ability to generate Turbo Energy, a hugely powerful but often uncontrollable force. Fortunately he meets Steel, a biomechanical alien, who helps Max control his power and together they become the world's greatest super hero, Max Steel. Ultra Blast figures combine turbo energy and explosive action! LED lights make his attacks on the bad guys even more powerful than ever before!.