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Kidrobot 2006 Dunny 3 inch Figure - DJ Qbert (autographed) Kidrobot, Dunny, Action Figures, 2006
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Pasipo, the Filipino god of music, ancient writings spoke endlessly of a forthcoming musical magician whose name would start with the letter Q. The magician`s medium of choice was described as futuristic record player of sorts. That virtuoso has emerged and he goes by the name of DJ Qbert. DJ Qbert embarked on a mission to dispel misconceptions about the DJs art, through teaching and preaching the gospel of the turntable. His alter ego is DJ Qbert, a 3-inch vinyl Dunny, designed by Huck Gee!...

Kidrobot Batman Blind Box Vinyl Series 3 inch Figure Kidrobot, Batman, Action Figures, 2017, superhero, comic book
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Holy Dunny series, Batman! Kidrobot and DC are ready to defend Gotham City with this all new Batman Dunny Mini Series. Grab your utility belt, collect all 15 and complete your Bat Cave collection! Collect them all: Batman - 2/24, Dark Knight - 2/24, Classic Batman - 2/24, Robin - 2/24, Batgirl - 1/48, Red Hood - 1/24, Joker - 3/24, Harley Quinn - 3/24, Catwoman - 2/24, Two Face - 1/24, Scarecrow - 1/24, Penguin - 1/24, Bane - 2/24, Black Mask - 1/24, Hush - 1/48. Packaged in a blind box - you...

Kidrobot South Park 8.25 inch Figure - Dead Kenny Anatomy Art Figure Kidrobot, South Park, Action Figures, 2021, comedy, cartoon
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Who killed Kenny?! In partnership with South Park, you will finally get to see what Kenny is truly made of with this collectible 8-inch tall premium vinyl art figure from Kidrobot.