• Manufactured by Fisher-Price
  • Released in 2015
  • Size: 12 inch long car
  • For Ages 3+
  • Condition: New
Price: $39.36

    This is the perfect vehicle for speedy arrivals, fast getaways and high-flying adventures! Driving kids imaginations on the ground, the BATMOBILE sports cool see-through parts.BATMAN and a Super Hero friend fit in the cockpit! Ready to take the action to the skies? Turn the Power Pad on the back of the BATMOBILE to transform it into a jet. The front wheels drop down, the side skirts open and the back wheels form wings and jet engines! Press a button on the side, and the pilot will drop out. Little crime-fighters can take the battle to the streets, to the air - or both! It is all up to their imaginations!.